Crown & Bridges

We’ll perform a thorough examination and implement a crown or bridge only if required.


Dental Crown

A crown is a cap that covers over and protects the whole tooth, restoring the tooth to the original shape, while sealing the tooth and protecting it from further damage.

The following are typical reasons for needing a crown:

  • When a tooth is badly broken down, a normal filling may not be strong enough for chewing
  • The tooth had root canal treatment done previously
  • To improve the appearance and or contour of a tooth that is discoloured, mis-shaped or out of alignment
  • The tooth is under heavy chewing force, has cracked, or needs protection from wear and tear

At Luxe Dental, we do a thorough examination and diagnosis to determine if a crown is needed. If a crown is required, the tooth is trimmed to make space for the crown and moulds are taken for the crown to be custom-made in a dental laboratory. When the crown is ready, it is put in place by being firmly cemented over the tooth.

Dental Bridge

A bridge is a dental restoration that is performed for replacing missing teeth using crowns on the adjacent teeth. The teeth at the side of the missing area are trimmed and the bridge is cemented permanently to replace the missing teeth.

It is important to keep the gums around the crown or bridge healthy, so proper brushing and flossing is essential.

For further advice on dental bridges, get in touch with us at Luxe Dental for more information. 

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Crowns & Bridges

We’ll perform a thorough examination and implement a crown or bridge only if required


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